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BuCoco Premium Hookah Charcoal by Oduman Share The Product

BuCoco Premium Hookah Charcoal - Platinium Edition by Oduman

We bring the coconut shell from Indonesia and make the charcoal production in Turkey proudly.

With that reason, the quality is always standart and under control.

BuCoco Charcoals have the best quality in the market.

Platinium Edition:

- 26x26x26 mm cubic

- Low ash

- High caloric heat

- Long lighting time (min. 1,5 hours)

- Minimum smell at first burning

- Short burning time

- Professional Packing


1 kg boxes

1 masterbox has 18 kg - 18 packs

1 pallet has 720 kg and 40 masterboxes.

Pallet dimensions: 80x120x158 cm - 720 kg net - 735 kg gross