About Hookah Production

About Hookah Production


The issue of how hookah is produced, which hookah lovers are curious about, is among the most frequently asked questions. For this reason, we will discuss how the hookah is produced and what the production stages are.

As we all know, hookah has undergone some visual and structural changes many times since history. Since the first day of hookah, it has gained a more modern appearance with the development of production technologies.

The first hookah in history originated in India. It emerged by the Indians by hollowing out the coconut and puncturing the shell and inserting a cane into it. The literal meaning of hookah is derived from the word Nargil, which means coconut. Although the original remains the same when we imagine those days, serious changes have occurred in the structure and production raw materials of hookah. Today, hookah production, which consists entirely of glass, steel and silicone parts, requires a very large production facility. Each part has separate production processes.