How should hookah coal be prepared?

How should hookah coal be prepared?


Proper preparation of coal, which is indispensable for hookah pleasure, is very important for a pleasant hookah experience. In this article you will find step-by-step information on how to prepare hookah coal correctly.

1. Choosing Quality Coal:

Choosing quality coal is very important for a good hookah experience. Natural wood coals or odorless coals should be preferred. Quality charcoal will help you get more smoke and a pleasant taste.

2. Amount of Coal:

The amount of charcoal to be placed in the hookah chamber varies depending on the type of tobacco and size of the hookah. Generally, 2-3 coals will be sufficient for a standard hookah. However, you can adjust the amount of charcoal considering your experience.

3. Correct Burning of Coal:

Burning your coals correctly will ensure that your hookah burns longer and you enjoy the tobacco taste better. Ignite the coals and wait until they turn evenly red on both sides. Then, place the coals in your hookah burner.

4. Coal Distribution:

It is important to distribute the coals evenly to heat your hookah tobacco evenly. When placing the coals in the hookah embers, be careful not to block the air holes. This ensures even heating of the tobacco.

5. Coal Replacement:

If the smoke in your hookah starts to decrease or the coals go out completely, you can add new coals. However, be careful when doing this; Be careful not to let the coals fall into your hookah bowl.

6. Controlling Airflow:

After preparing the hookah charcoal correctly, it is also important to control the air flow. By controlling the air vents, you can achieve the smoke density and flavor you want.

Proper preparation of hookah coal is an essential step for an enjoyable hookah experience. By following the above guidelines, you can maximize your hookah pleasure and make the time you spend with your friends more enjoyable. Enjoy your hookah!