How to Clean Hookah?

How to Clean Hookah?


We have compiled the easiest and most effective hookah cleaning tips for you. We explained the cleaning of all parts of the hookah one by one.

One of the most important issues in hookah cleaning is not to use scented chemicals such as soap, shampoo, detergent as much as you can. Because the smell of these chemicals is long lasting. During your next hookah smoking, this smell will negatively affect your hookah smoking quality. For this reason, we will share with you longer tips that can increase your drinking quality.

First of all, we need to separate all the parts of our hookah. Then, if you have time, we can soak all the pieces in hot water for an hour or two. You can do this waiting process longer if you have time.

Cleaning Small Parts Using Harbi

After this waiting process, we need to brush all the parts with the help of a thin brush. As a thin brush, you can use the cleaning brush called Harbi, which is used in gun cleaning. This is both a flexible brush and a suitable brush that can fit into a full set. Then, after brushing the inside of the lance and the ser thoroughly, clean it thoroughly with water. You can repeat this process several times.

Bowl and Ser Cleaning

Now that we have cleaned our pipe and lance, now we come to cleaning the nozzle, which is one of the most odor-retaining parts. Since the nozzle is made of clay or porcelain, it can break easily, so we should be a little sensitive in cleaning our nozzle. We brush our curls slowly with the help of a brush. Here, if you want, you can use unscented baby bottle cleaning shampoos. This substance is an odorless cleaning material. However, you should definitely not use other cleaning chemicals. We continue the brushing and rinsing processes for 5 minutes for the bowl. If your nozzle is porcelain, it will be cleaned more easily, but if it is an earthen nozzle, it will be more difficult to clean as tobacco flavors penetrate into the nozzle. Because the earthen nozzles absorb the tobacco syrup. It is also possible to clean the clay or clay nozzles by keeping them in the fire, but this will be a risk both in terms of safety and because your nozzle may be damaged. Therefore, we do not recommend this method.

Bottle Cleaning

Now I will explain another difficult to clean hookah bottle cleaning. Since the mouths of hookah bottles are narrow, it is often difficult to clean the inside. However, there are two ways to do this cleaning. The first of these methods is to clean the bottle with a bottle brush. Another method is to fill the bottle with some water and rinse it with some bottle cleaner. If you want to increase the effect of this cleaning even more, you can put a cloth in the bottle.

By doing these operations, we have completed our hookah cleaning. Our hookah set is now both cleaner and has less different aroma residues. You can repeat this detailed cleaning process every 5 times. We wish you a good drink in advance.