Preparing and Using Hookah Tobacco Properly

Preparing and Using Hookah Tobacco Properly


Preparing the hookah correctly affects the quality of the cigarette directly. You can learn how to prepare your hookah for a good hookah experience from this article.

Preparing Hookah Tobacco:

  1. Tobacco selection: To have a quality hookah experience, using good quality tobacco is important. Pay attention to the moisture level of the tobacco. The ideal moisture level is around 25%.
  2. Tobacco preparation: Preparing the tobacco properly can have a positive impact on the hookah experience. Finely chop the tobacco and place it in a portable container. All parts of the tobacco should be homogeneous.
  3. Adding flavor and taste: Some hookah tobaccos may contain flavor and taste additives. Mix the tobacco well before using any additives.
  4. Hookah bowl preparation: The hookah bowl, where we place the tobacco, should be prepared properly. Fill the bowl with tobacco and gently press it down.

Using Hookah:

  1. Water level: The water level you fill the hookah with is important. The water level can affect the quality of the hookah experience. The water level should be at least 2.5 cm below the transparent part of the hookah.
  2. Coal preparation: Hookah coal is used to light the hookah tobacco. Preparing the coal properly can affect the hookah experience. Wait until the coal is lit and the edges start to turn red. Then place the coal on the hookah bowl.
  3. Using the hookah: When the tobacco in the hookah bowl is lit with the coal flame, the hookah is ready to use. Place the hose in your mouth and enjoy your hookah. Remember to clean and change your hose frequently.

In conclusion, the methods of preparing and using hookah tobacco affect the hookah experience. Therefore, learning the correct preparation methods is important for a quality hookah experience.