What Are Hookah Parts?

What Are Hookah Parts?


Although the hookah may seem like a simple tool, it consists of many parts. Hookah basically consists of 4 main parts. These parts are ser, ringlet, lance and bottle.

Hookah Ser Pipe

We can say that Hookah Ser Pipe is the backbone of hookah. The piece called Hookah Ser Pipe is the name given to the steel body that makes up the hookah. All other parts cling around the Hookah Ser Pipe. In some hookahs, the ser pipe may be metal, ceramic or glass.

Oduman hookahs are produced from steel. Steel Hookah Ser Pipe is both durable and long-lasting.

Mouth Pieces

The lance is the name given to the pipe that allows us to inhale the smoke. In the past, lances were usually produced using leather. However, the use of leather is not very suitable for today's conditions, and it is very difficult to clean.

Oduman lances are silicone. Silicone is both durable and odorless. Another feature is that it is food compatible. It is the material used in the medical industry. It is usually white in color and 1.5 meters long.


Bowl; It is the name given to the piece in which the hookah tobacco is placed. The mouth part of the hookah at the top is a cylinder-like part.

The bowls are usually clay or ceramic. Clay nozzles are weaker than ceramic nozzles in terms of durability. Another issue is that clay nozzles hold a lot of odor, but ceramic nozzles hold much less odor. It is also easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface.

One of the most basic features to look for in a bowl is the structure of the bowl. If the nozzle is too deep, usually the tobacco at the bottom will not burn, only the tobacco close to the embers will burn quickly and provide an unpleasant smoking experience.


The bottle, which is one of the most basic parts of the hookah, is the part in the hookah water. It is usually produced from clear glass, ceramic or colored glass. The hookah bottle is important in terms of hookah visuality and smoking quality.

Parts Except Main Parts

We said that there are 4 main parts that make up the hookah. We explained these above. But of course, there are also countless auxiliary parts of the hookah.


It is one of the most important spare parts found in almost all hookah lovers. Hookah tongs are used to hold the embers.


Hookah tobacco is a very long topic in itself. There are hundreds of varieties of tobacco and flavorings. There are even many blend flavors. Tobacco selection varies according to everyone's taste.


It is the plastic apparatus attached to the tip of the hookah lance. The lance can be easily removed and replaced.


Although the hookah tray may seem like a dysfunctional piece, it is actually very important. The tray holds the ash and embers that may fall from the embers. In addition, embers or sips can usually be placed on the tray. However, if the embers are placed close to the ser pipe, they may damage the hookah body and gasket.


The main parts of the hookah can be easily separated from each other and can be placed in a suitable hookah bag. In this way, the hookah is also portable. Portable hookahs have come to the fore in recent years. There are suitable bags for almost every Oduman hookah.

Heat Management

As can be understood from the name, the Heat Management on the bowl are the part that is placed inside the Heat Management of the hookah. Oduman Heat Management are generally produced from high alloy aluminum material. Thanks to the small elevations inside, it allows oxygen to reach the lower part of the coal and allows the coal to burn more efficiently.