Hookahs have been loved for centuries and have survived to the present day. Hookahs, which used to be generally one type, now have many different types. In an environment where the variety of hookah is so great, it becomes more difficult for hookah lovers to decide. There are many parameters when choosing a hookah. In line with these evaluations, we have published an article that will help you choose your hookah.

Hookah consists of many parts. The raw material of each piece is different from each other. The basic parts that make up the hookah are the materials, each of which consists of different materials, such as a hookah bottle, a pipe, a lance, and a nozzle. For this reason, the quality of each product must be high so that a good hookah comes out. Hookah bottle is produced from glass. Glass strength and quality are very important for a hookah. First class handmade glassware is used in Oduman products. After glass, the most frequently used material in hookah is steel. Stainless steel is used in Oduman products. Hygienic food silicones are used for silicone parts such as lance. Hookah bags, on the other hand, produce bags that are resistant to water, do not easily get dirty, can be wiped and absorb shocks.

Features of Oduman Hookahs

Product Groups Produced by Oduman

Oduman products are produced in its own facilities in Turkey. All their products are their own design and are unique products. These products are exported to many parts of the world.